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NEW BurButler™

‘love your burs’

#1 Bur Holder in Dentistry. 5 Hole | 10 Hole | 25 Hole

The  BurButler was designed by Dr Paul Moore to meet the needs and improve the features of existing bur holders available.
Our patented  silicon BurButler is made of medical grade silicon and is suitable for every dentist, hygienist and technician in every dental practice, dental laboratory and dental hospital.
The product is simple, durable, flexible and elegant in design. It is different to all other bur holders in that each and every “grips” the burs whatever the size of the shank of the bur. It will grip the taper of the silicon hole at the diameter of the shank of the bur. The force of insertion is therefore the same force for removal.
Every dentist has their own preference for colour and size. You may decide to choose a particular colour for each surgery or dentist… you can tailor thoughts to your needs.
Thus any selection of burs can be kept in any order the dentist chooses.


The Design

The secret to our dental bur block success is in the combination of design and material. The patented bur block hole and lid designs grips held upside down.


An Ideal Bur Block Holder

Each hole should hold the burs whatever the type, in the order that the dentist chooses; fiction grip, latch grip and laboratory.


11 Reasons to Upgrade

Every bur fits any hole whatever the shank diameter. Fiction grip, Latch grip, Laboratory. The tapered orifice will bind at the diameter of the bur.


Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 12.50.41Burs are made by different manufacturers and come in many sizes and have many uses.

Burs usually connect to a a drill, which rotates them and provides torque and axial force.

Dentists and technicians have to organise, wash, sterilise and present the selection of burs specific to the procedure for each patient. The less physical handling by the dental team the better for safety and efficiency

drill bitScreen Shot 2014-11-21 at 12.44.31The shank is the part of the drill bit grasped by the chuck of a bur. The cutting edges of the bur bit are at one end, and the bur shank is at the other.

There are three types of bur shanks grips which include: Friction grip, Latch-type and Laboratory grip. The BurButler grips each three types and the BurButler can even hold bits while inverted.

Start Procedure: BurButler for procedure presented to the Dentist on tray. Burs are secured and in order for the required procedure. Some dentists prefer to duplicate their favourite burs on the same block so if one is deemed worn, the second is there

During Procedure: Dentist uses BurButler, with one hand, to release bur and place insert into drill. The used bur may then be reinserted into the BurButler or kept to one side ( some dentists prefer to place the used but in the upturned lid for the assistant to inspect later before reinsertion.)

End Procedure: Replace worn burs from central storage. We recommend the excellent value of the 60 hole BurButler to keep all your central storage needs.

Mechanically clean any burs that require so.
Take it to washer-disinfector or ultrasonic bath.. Leave lid separate to allow water access. Replace lid and bag if deemed necessary. Autoclave. Return to the storage are ready for re-use with minimal handling and maximum staff efficiency

Designed to fit all bur shank grip types, our silicon products are sturdy, heat resistant, durable and made to last. Where other manufacturers may use metals and plastics for their products. The BurButler is made from natural silicate minerals.

We use 100% non toxic, fully biodegradable, non polluting silicon ingredients, even our packaging is made from 100% bio-degradable plant materials.

color-wheelThe colour coded bases allows each operational procedure to have its own colour and the same burs are always returned to the same dentist. The bases can also be labeled using a Sharpie pen.

Available in 5 funky colours including:Diamond White (DW), Amber Orange (AO), Ruby Pink (RP), Amethyst Purple (AP), Sapphire Blue (SB)

global-mapOur global network of authorised international distributors. If your country is not on our list please contact us and we will happy to take your order directly.

If you are a distributor and are interested in joining our international network please contact us. We provide private label services for business partnerships. If you think we’d be a good match, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

” Great working with the Crystal range of burbutlers, the colours are wonderful for each of our Clinics”

Great Smile

“Paul, you are a genius with this product, design and perseverance.”

Dr. Terry Yacovitch, GP, Montreal, Canada

“We are very happy with the BurButler bur stand, and recommend it to all dentist’s as the best on the market.”

Dr. Brendan Glass, Maynooth, Ireland.