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We believe that product quality and safety is more than just product testing. It begins with our innovative team in product design and development and follows with our quality assurance team and long-time production partners. It goes beyond the purchase of our products to our consumer service specialists in Ireland.

Third party audits and testing further strengthen this process. Regular supplier evaluations, including visits to production sites, allow Gate Dental Services (DentalOrganiser) to build positive partnerships with its suppliers while ensuring conformity, quality, delivery, and environmental and social requirements. Beyond quality and safety, social and environmental issues are of greatest importance to us.

To guarantee consistently high quality standards, manufacturing processes our production is continually monitored through ISO certification. These controls ensure that our products comply with relevant medical specifications. If any deviations are detected the cause can be remedied at the production stage, before the defective products enter subsequent processes. This avoids a situation where the products are not checked until the end of the process chain. A final quality check is then performed before the end product is shipped to our customers.

At all stages of development and production, the quality and safety of our products is a primary consideration. We are focused on the need to monitor and review our checks and precautions. We continuously review our processes and procedures in order to maintain our fine record of providing medical professionals with safe, high quality experiences across all our brands.

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Much of our product range is aimed at general practitioners and medical institutions. This calls for particularly high standards of safety with regard to products and packaging. DentalOrganiser upholds these high standards by utilising carefully selected raw materials – which are used across multiple products. Performing extensive chemical and physical tests ensure that they meet or exceed word wide safety standards. Raw materials, components and finished products must all satisfy stringent quality requirements.

The medical industry goes to great lengths to develop and monitor rigorous testing and inspection procedures ensuring that devices are safe. For more specific information on safety please visit the Irish Medical Devices Association website at www.imda.ie.