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Importance Of Salon Sterilisation

We offer you the ability to STERILISE  your equipment for every patient. Read more about this in the blog . Your services may include care of the face, hair, scalp, fingernails, and toenails to the most intimate areas of the customer. Impeccable salon hygiene is required at all times. With the new levels of public concern, protocols for adequate standards of sterilisation should include autoclaving of all instruments in the beauty clinic as if they were a dental  or medical practice to improve the safety and confidence of clients and staff. Come and see our new site http://Steiriliu.com

Historically different types of equipment has been used to sterilise all the tools of the industry. Some of these machines included UV light or glass bead “sterilisers”  and  chemical solutions. Even though these tools are currently legal, they don’t kill all the bacteria fungi and viruses that can spread infections. They disinfect. Indisputably the best solution for your beauty salon is an autoclave. Each item used on a patient should be sealed in an autoclave pouch for individual use, sterilised and stored, ready for the next patient. 

UV light boxes, Glass bead systems, Barbicide …. disinfect instruments. THEY DO NOT STERILISE.

Disinfection is defined as destruction of many pathogenic and other kinds of microorganisms by physical or chemical means. Disinfection is less effective than sterilization, because it only destroys  a percentage of pathogenic microorganisms. Disinfection does not ensure the degree of safety associated with sterilization processes.  To read more BLOG 

The disinfected instrument is not sterile.

Sterilization: The set of a physical or chemical procedure to destroy all micro-organisms. 

This requires an autoclave.

We have used our 40 years experience in the dental filed and assembled a reliable solution for your clinic, offering a simple “Plug and Play” collection of required equipment from leading, reliable manufacturers.

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