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Frequently Asked Questions

We are dedicated answering your queries about our products. If you feel your question has not been answered below, please contact us and we will endeavour to answer your queries or concerns.



  •  What is a bur?
  • A bur is a dental drill bit and they come in all shapes, uses and sizes.
  • What is a shank?
    A shank is the base of the bur which inserts into the dental drill. The are made by many different manufacturers and come in straight latch-type,  friction grip (FG) and laboratory shanks. The BurButler hole will fit all of these.
  • What is a bur block holder?
    A dental base/mount in which the burs are arranged.



  • What is a cerec block?
    A cerec block is a dental ceramic block used in Cad Cam techniques. and The variety of sizes, shades, translucencies,  manufacturers, applications, materials is ever changing and ever growing. The BlockButler provides a visual stock control and organisation allowing you to see what you have and what you need at a glance.
  • What is a cerec block holder?
    A dental base/mount in which the burs are arranged.



  • Are your products non-toxic and safe?  Yes. Our products medical grade approved 100% non-toxic and safe.
  • Are your products washer disinfection and autoclave safe?    Yes. All our products are washer disinfection and autoclave safe.
  • Do you products magnetise?    Our products contain no metal or magnets.
  • Can tell me the ingredients in your silicon bases?    100% pure silicon.
  • Are your bases anti-bacterial?
    Yes. Silicon has natural antibacterial properties.
  • Do you have any reports to prove your findings?
    We have  independent microbiological report to test quality and durability of our products.
  • What do professionals think of the products?
    We have many dentist testimonials and “They love it.”
  • Can tell me the ingredients in your BurButler lids?
    Polycarbonate (plastic).
  • Certifications
    Yes. We are medically certified to levels ISO-9001, 3001 and CE.



  • What are you going to do with my email/personal data?
    We will never sell, rent, or otherwise use your contact information for anything but communicating your order status and other DentalOrganiser communications. That is our promise.
  • I don’t want to receive the DentalOrganiser newsletter. How can I opt-out?
    Simply email ‘unsubscribe’ and we will do the rest.



  • Industry leading lead time.
  • Some of our products can be shipped to you in as little as 3-5 working days.
  • Small Batch Sizes.
  • Initial dealership special offers.
  • How much is a unit?
    The price of your unit depends on if you buy a larger or smaller quantity.
  • Is there a minimum order size?
    Please contact us for dealer enquiries.
  • Do DentalOrganiser provide private label services for partners?
    Yes. If you think we’d be a good match, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!
  • Customisable
    We can customise packaging and point of sales boxes for your business.



  • What is a patent?
    A patent is an exclusive right granted for an invention which is a process or a product that provides a new way of doing something, or offers a new solution to a problem. We hold two; one for BurButler and one for BlockButler.
  • I think I might be infringing on our patented inventions. What should I do?
    Infringing a patent means manufacturing, using, selling or importing a patented product or process without the patent owner’s permission. If you are doing any of these things, you should obtain professional advice quickly from a patent agent or solicitor, because the owner of the patent can sue you.
  • Are licences available to use our patented inventions?
    Yes. We would be delighted to, subject to agreement.

If you have comments or suggestions, use the contact form below and we will happily field your concerns or bask in your praise!


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