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NEW  VisionButler™

Simple Clear Efficient Autoclavable Safe

‘Designed by dentists for dentists’


# VisionButler –  Autoclavable Lip & Cheek retractor


”You don’t need eyes to see, you need vision“

Autoclavable Re-Usable, eco friendly, Photo-Contraster, Lip and Cheek Retractor. We would like to present a new tool for dentists: economical, practical, versatile and comfortable, to improve your workflow and efficiency, save time, reduce clinical waste and significantly eliminating repeated costs. Made of an autoclavable medical silicon that has been tried and verified, the VisionButler has many applications.

  • Eco-friendly and cost effective. Will replace replace single use retractors .Saving packaging, clinical waste and postage. The more you use it the more you will save.
  • Hands free lip and cheek retraction and soft tissue isolation of lips and cheeks.
  • Protection of lips from  inadvertent sharps and rotaries. Yes it can happen to anyone !!
  • Open wide: Holds the mouth open passively and is comfortable for long durations.

APPLICATIONS: Photo-contraster: Made with a black, satin, smooth surface to reduce the flare and glare of flash photography, the soft silicon will hold the lips and cheeks away from the teeth and gums . The oval retraction of the labial tissues can be adjusted simply with manual tension and the gentle engagement of the fitting surface intra-orally allows the patient to close their mouth without the VisionButler being dislodged.

  • Orthodontics: Bracket placement or imaging made easy –
  • Bonding: Keeps soft tissues away and allows easy access to anteriors
  • Hygienist: VisionButler will allow the hygienist to work with the patient’s lips comfortably retracted and allowing easy access for the suction system of choice.
  • Whitening: In office procedures require the protection of the lips and labial  soft tissues for the duration of the procedure.  VisionButler will hold  the mouth open and keep the lips away during the whole procedure.
  • Digital Imaging : All digital imaging is simply made easier if soft tissues of the lips and cheeks are kept out the field of view
  • Restorative Dentistry: Preparation and cementation of composites, porcelain crowns / veneers requires control of the soft tissues of the lips and the cheeks. It is like having a spare set of hands.


  • Easy to place and no hard rims to pressure vulnerable soft tissue structures such as the frenum.Holds in place even when the patient swallows inadvertentlyAutoclavable for repeated use, saving clinical waste and reducing carbon footprint of single use options.Processing: The VisionButler can be placed in ultrasonic both, washer-disinfector  and pouched as required for autoclave in a standard self-seal pouch or a 3D Deep Pouch ( supplied by ).

The Design


Eco friendly , VisionButler , black silicone photo contraster and lip retractor

The secret to our  success is in the combination of design and material. The patented holder and lid / cover makes for easy use in presenting to chair-side.

Multi purpose  VisionButler

Eco friendly, Lip and cheek Retractor

The first size available is Medium Regular.

Later sizes to follow will be Medium Large and Medium Small.



We will have a larger size soon- March 2023

The molar bites can be enhanced with indexing the three holes with silicone putty and retained with buccal floss when required.

The VisionButler is the only contraster we know which will allow simultaneous contrast of upper and lower teeth.



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