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NEW EndoButler™

‘designed to organise’

EndoButler Holder in Dentistry 5 Hole

The  EndoButler was designed by Dr Paul Moore to meet the needs and improve the features of existing Endodontic holders available.
Our patented  silicon BurButler is made of medical grade silicon and  autoclavable measuring system base and autoclavable lid. The option of the Endobutleras as a “non wearable” allowing the assistant to participate in the preparation of the chosen file system. Making for efficiency at chair-side.
The product is simple, durable, flexible and elegant in design. It is different to all other endodontic holders  as it can come to chairside whre it is fully autoclaved all element- measuring base, silicone burbutler and lid as well as the single use Foam insert . The taper of the silicon hole at the diameter of the shank of top of the files making is safe for one use system.
Every dentist has their own preference for colour and size. You may decide to choose a particular colour for each surgery or dentist… you can tailor thoughts to your needs.
Thus any selection of files can be kept in any order the dentist chooses, measured and stored in the Endobutler for use.  After use of the file it is removed  to  the foam – as the foam is one use only, all files in the foam after use can be disagreed with the foam- leaving any file that were not used in the endobutler. To buy  see our sister site Steiriliu.com


The Design

The secret to our dental EndoButler file block success is in the combination of design and material. The patented bur block hole and lid designs grips held upside down. See our sister site Steiriliu.com

An Ideal EndoButler Block Holder

Each hole carries the File whatever the type, in the order that the dentist chooses;  and being able to bring all to chair-side coved and sterilised including the files.

see or sister site Steiriliu.com .This allows for a better use of time as the assistant can measure and present to chair-side

 Reasons to Upgrade

Ease of use – Autoclavable Transport Closed ‘soft-fit” lid-  Recessed Central Measuring Column – Open cell single use foam.

see Steiriliu.com

Fils are made by different manufacturers and come in many sizes

They usually connect to a a drill, which rotates them and provides torque and axial force.

Dental assistants or nurses organise,  sterilise and present the selection of fils specific to the procedure for each patient. The less physical handling by the dental team the better for safety and efficiency- making for a lean process in time management.

Non sterile instruments can be set up for the chosen procedure. eg 15 20 25 30 hand files and engine files in sets of 21mm 25 mm 30 mm on different bases.

The set can then be autoclaved, ready for use as required, giving a sterile set ready for use with access files in one end of foam.

Assistant can then measure all the files to the apex working length.

This allows the dentist to concetrate on the proceedure with trust that the files cannot be overextended.

Nor does the dentist have to change focus from microscope or loupes

The assistent can then predicatbly set the working length on all files with confidence that they are not overextended.

Supplied in packs of 25 foams, instruments can be placed in one end when used.

Those un-used can be left in situ . Used instruments in the foam can be discarded with the foam,  reducing handling and sharps injury potential.

A new foam can then be placed and replacement files placed as required.

The reassembled EndoButler can be processed through the sterilisation cycle ready for the next use.

The EndoButler works well with sets of post preparation dills, or sets of access preparation drills.

These usually come in a set of 5 diferent sizes, supplied in plastic containers.

The EndoButler allow presterilisation of the set and easy  and ordered access.

” Great working with the Crystal range of burbutlers, the colours are wonderful for each of our Clinics”

Great Smile

“Paul, you are a genius with this product, design and perseverance.”

Dr. Terry Yacovitch, GP, Montreal, Canada

“We are very happy with the BurButler bur stand, and recommend it to all dentist’s as the best on the market.”

Dr. Brendan Glass, Maynooth, Ireland.