/5 Hole BurButler Crystal range
5 Hole BurButler Crystal range 2018-01-04T10:48:17+00:00

Project Description

The 5 hole BurButler is simple, flexible and elegant in design, and it is different to all other bur holders in that it grips the burs whatever the size of the shank and the size of the bur. Thus any selection of burs, made by any manufacturer can be kept in any order the dentist chooses.

  • Size: 5 Hole
  • Lid: Regular
  • Grips: FG, LG
  • Colours: Pink, White, Orange, Purple, Blue
  • Dimensions: 7cm x 3cm x 1cm (lxbxh)
  • Weight: 23g; (inc lid): 38g
  • Washable & Autoclavable