Dental product review of the Bur Butler

An in-depth dental product review and look at the BurButler. Contemporary Product Solutions shares its review of this silicone bur block designed to grip all burs securely in place, eliminating the risk of spilling.

Almost all of the evaluators (i.e., 99 percent) found the block to be excellent.

Modern dental practices are equipped to perform various treatments and procedures. These procedures consist of fillings, inlays, onlays, veneers, crowns, bridges, implants, post and core, endodontics, provisionals and various removable appliances. All of these procedures require dental tools or burs that can consist of hundreds of sizes, shapes and grits.

Every dental professional has his or her favorite burs according to the procedure, but the dental assistant is required to sterilize, separate, replenish and store in an appropriate area until the next procedure is preformed.

Burs are a significant expense to dental offices, and such inefficient management of burs increases this expense. A large amount of unnecessary time is spent in dental practices every day on handling burs and files. The need exists for a unique bur block that aids in the process of storing, sterilizing and restocking, but easy to identify by using a color coordinated system.

The BurButler, available from Shofu Dental Corporation is a silicone bur block that holds all burs securely in place without dumping or spilling out of the block. The unique patented hole design with reverse fluting allows the burs to stay in place while disinfecting or autoclaving. The high temperature resistant silicone base material makes for easy insertion and removal of the burs. Available in a variety of colors to help organize for practice efficiency.

What types of burs can be placed in the BurButler?
The Bur Butler is available in all shanks including FG, CA and short shank. The BurButler also allows the dental assistant to mix and match up to 10 burs in one secure bur block. Burs are very easy to place and remove with long-lasting and durable plugs that do not move. The blocks are available in five assorted colors for the dental assistant to sort according to various procedures. The BurButler has a removable clear lid that can be used as base during procedures to discard used rotary instruments, or placed to the side during procedures. Each block and lid is fully autoclavable and secure for easy viewing.

Evaluation by CPS Dental Assistant Team
A recent evaluation conducted by Contemporary Product Solutions solicited the opinions of 24 dental assistants on a new designed bur block called the Bur Butler.

“The evaluation team gave the BurButler a 5 Diamond Rating.”

Almost all of the evaluators (i.e., 99 percent) found the block to be excellent. The compact and easy-to-store size was appreciated by all evaluators, while 92 percent of the evaluators commented that the BurButler was better than the bur blocks they are currently using.

Several assistants said it was a great feeling knowing after placing the burs in the silicone holder, none of the burs would fall out. With just one push into the silicone, they were secure, and the removal was just as easy,

Bur Holes
When asked if the distance between the bur holes were further apart or closer compared to their other bur blocks, almost all commented they felt it was further away which allowed someone who may have larger hands to remove the burs easier without hitting or knocking out the other surrounding burs from the block.

Several assistants also commented the unique shape and weight of the block made it easier to pick up and carried to the operatory or sterilization

Several evaluators wanted to see if the lid stood up to sterilization temperatures in the autoclave and if the clear lid would change over time. They noted after over 436 BurButler blocks were heat sterilized, there was no significant change in the lids of each block documented nor change in the silicone base.

Several commented that the drain holes on the bottom of the bur block helped to prevent rusting on the burs.

All of the dental assistants commented they wanted the bur butler to have more options of size and color for smaller procedures and laboratory burs for provisionals, nightguards and removables.

The evaluation team gave the BurButler by Shofu a 5 Diamond Rating.

April 08, 2016. Contemporary Product Solutions is dedicated to providing members of the dental profession with clinically relevant information in all areas of the dental practice.