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An Ideal Bur Block 2014-11-25T17:03:59+00:00

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  • Look good. Work well.
  • Each hole should hold the burs whatever the type, in the order that the dentist chooses; fiction grip, latch grip or laboratory.
  • All the burs should be visible to the dentist, with or without lid present.
  • The burs should not dislodge, but should be easy to insert and remove, even with larger fingers.
  • The burs should not be magnetised.
  • The assistants should be able to identify any discarded burs, and replace them in the same order for each dentist in the practice.
  • The bur block should be washable, baggable, autoclavable, WITHOUT removing the burs each time.
  • The blocks must be able to be colour coded and labelled for each surgery in the practice, and each proceedure.
  • Should be durable, no moving parts to break, perish or be replaced.
  • Should be cost effective compared to alternatives, but “better than all the rest”.
  • Must be proven and tested for surface deterioration and bacteriological efficacy.

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