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    1. Unique
      Every bur fits any hole whatever the shank diameter. Fiction grip, Latch grip, Laboratory. The tapered orifice will bind at the diameter of the bur.
    2. Personalised to You
      The silicon BurButler will flex as you insert your bur. The same force will remove it.
    3. Autoclavable. Washable. Durable
      Tested and documented for efficacy, microbiology and electron surface deterioration, by Professor David Coleman Dublin Dental Hospital. Oral Microbiology and Material Science.
    4. Variety of Sizes
      Sizes 5, 10, 25, and 60.
    5. Variety of 7 Colours
      Diamond White (DW ), Amber Orange (AO), Ruby Pink (RP), Amethyst Purple (AP), Sapphire Blue (SB ) . We recommend one colour for each dentist or surgery and one colour for central storage (60 hole).
    6. Labelling
      BurButler labels may be marked ( cd marker / “sharpie” ) for procedures eg. veneer prep, composite…
    7. Systematic Organisation and Efficiency
      Burs do not have to be removed for disinfector/washer or autoclaving. Burs will not fall into drain causing blockage, plumber, engineer repairs and lost burs. Your Burs always on your chosen coloured BurButler. So always come back to you in the order you placed them.
    8. Saves Time, Money and More
      Your time is precioius, your staff time and efficieny is essential. Make your nurses day. saves nurses time, effort, and make them HAPPY!!
    9. Central Storage and Stock Control
      60 Hole Universal Butler. Store you stock centrally. Allows visible stock control. You can see at a glance what you have and what you need.
    10. Versatile
      60 Hole Universal Butler can be sectioned into unlabelled smaller units with blade for insertion into surgical or restorative trays.
    11. Imaginative
      We also use BurButler for storage of post and drill systems eg parapost. ENA. Opodo. Allows simple assesment of availability. Easy to manipulate.
    12. To Buy – Steiriliu.com

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