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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The secret to our dental bur block success is in the combination of design and material. The patented bur block hole and lid designs grips held upside down.

Dr Paul Moore BDS, the inventor of the BurButler, works as a general practitioner in Gate Dental Clinic, Galway, Ireland.

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  • The Silicon is Autoclavable, similar to the “cookie” silicon trays.
  • It resists high temperature and distortion and has a firm consistency to give the resilience and resistance to wear and tear.
  • It also gives the base a “nonslip” surface for the BurButler to “GRIP” the clinical surface.

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  • Designed to “float” on the blocks with multiple grip points to allow easy removal, placement and flow of steam.
  • Made of a transparent Polycarbonate, the Sabic HU 1000 has a light yellow tint. Lids can be bought separately.

[/dt-list][dt-section-title title=”The Hole Design”][dt-list icon=”check”]

  • The patented hole design allows any bur to grip the block.
  • The diameter of the shank will bind at the diameter of the cone that matches the end diameter of the bur
  • The reverse fluting keeps the bur centralised and supported.
  • The through and through holes allow for drainage.
  • The resilience of the silicon means the force the individual dentist inserts the drill is the same force required to remove it. Thus customising the bur block to the dentist.
  • The spacing of the holes allows even large fingers to grip the burs with ease.

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