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Our brand guidelines define the core values of our Gate Dental Services Ltd., and the burbutler brand. They form the basis of what we do and how we do it – both within the company and in dealings with our customers, business partners, society and the environment. Our brand essentials form the foundation for consistent brand management. They help us establish clear structures and guidelines and link and combine all areas of our company. In this way, we ensure sustainable growth.

Competence & Tradition

We use our competence based on our roots, our history, our experience and constant learning to shape our own future with entrepreneurial spirit. This guarantees a sound know-how to maintain or build a solid leadership, high degree of credibility and a strong global communication and distribution network based on fair partnership.

Outstanding Quality

We are determined to be the best of the class in all products and services. We respect the needs of the regional markets, always considering global requirements.

We understand quality as ensuring: 1. Clear point of difference. 2. Outstanding performance., 3. Characteristic and simple design.

Innovation & Creativity

We mean innovation and creativity as pioneering and providing continuous improvements to offer solutions with relevant benefits to end consumers. We stimulate our own creativity through an open working atmosphere, dedication, commitment and international interdisciplinary working teams.

Social & Environmental Responsibility

We feel a consistent obligation and commitment towards people and environment. We practice our social responsibility within the company, with business partners and in the community. We prioritise and continuously search for environmental friendly processes and materials to contribute to planet preservation. We are ahead on anticipating future trends and impacts to accomplish our obligations and guarantee sustainability.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]