Bur Holder Survey Early Adopters

Having sold many bur holders, we recently decided to ask our very first early adopters to examine in a dental bur holder survey, how they have been enjoying using the BurButler since the product launch in 2011.

Hopefully we will be getting many more responses from our recent attendance at BDIA Dental Showcase with new professionals only trying our products for the 1st time.

medical-supportQuestions to Early Adopters
BurButler™ Dental Bur Management System

  • I am a .. Dentist/Lab/Physician
  • How long have you been using the BurButler?
  • Did you find the BurButler useful?
  • Did you find it easy to use?
  • What is its greatest benefit?
  • How do other bur holders compare?
  • Does it save you time?
  • Has it saved you money?
  • What is your overall satisfaction level with the BurButler?
  • How can we improve our bur holders?
  • How likely are you to recommend the BurButler?


To see their remarkable responses click here.

If you wish to add your comment to our survey it is still open visit SurveyMonkey BurButler-Early-Adopters.

We appreciate your honest feedback and many thanks!

200+ Responses – SurveyMonkey July 2014.