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The BurButler

Dentists Testimonials

“I love it, it’s the best bur holder I’ve ever used. It holds all bur sizes in the order I use them. No more lost burs or damaged burs.”

Dr. Harry Kavanagh, IDA, Ireland.

“Essential for staff efficiency. Comfortable, easy to use, attractive, economical, washable and sterilizable.”

Dr. Amol Godse, Maharashtra State, India.

Brilliant, You’ve re-invented the wheel.

Dr. Ian Wellings, BDA, UK.

“An excellent way to organise burs”

Dr. Anne O’Donnell, IDA, Ireland.

“Paul, you are a genius with this product, design and perseverance.”

Dr. Terry Yacovitch, GP, Montreal, Canada.

“It really is hard to find the perfect bur holder. There is such a precise amount of room and holding burs in is so important.”

Dr. Karen Comisi, UK.

“I don’t lose burs anymore. They bur holder doesn’t slide around the tray. It’s easy to see which burs I am using because of the clear lid. It is easy to clean, fully autoclavable and it comes in pretty colours.”

Dr. Tania Maria Cruz, Brazil.

“BurButler bur stands are like all the best dental products – they solve a problem very simply. Designed by a dentist they hold enough burs to allow for spares and all the shapes you like, they hold them securely throughout all the cleaning and sterilisation process. The holes grip the burs – whatever the size and are spaced to allow you to get your fingers in and pick them out cleanly – no more fiddling with clumsy metal stands. The stands are colour coded with a built in label so they can be used to systematise your burs for procedures -great for endo sets, post sets and prep sets etc..
They do not degrade in the cleaning process they look great – no more corrosion problems – and best of all they are cheap and simple – like most dentists”

Dr. Michael Kirk Chesterfield, UK.

Distributors Testimonials

“The colour coding allows each operatory to have their own colour and the same burs are always returned to the same dentist! We keep our central stock on the 60-hole boards, and can then easily visualise how many of each we have remaining. Great for stock control.”

Ray Smith, Dentavision, Australia.

The BlockButler

Dentists Testimonials

“It’s a simple silicon board with great design to grip the chucks of the Cad Cam blocks. It can be used for either wall mounting or as drawer storage. It easily manages the display of the entire stock that a dentist or laboratory might need.”

Dr. Dan Mathews, GP, New York, USA.

“The BlockButler is a visual storage and stock control management system that allows a dentist at a glance to see what he has and what he needs to order.”

Dr. K Blake, GP, Dublin, Ireland