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NEW LaminateButler™

‘Designed by dentists for dentists’

#Laminate Butler – black base and autoclave-able cover

LaminateButler designed by Dr Paul Moore to meet the needs and improve the features of existing  endodontic file organisers for chair-side
Our patented  base is made of medical grade silicon and is suitable for every dentist, hygienist and technician in every dental practice, dental laboratory and dental hospital.
The product is simple, durable, flexible and elegant in design. It is different to all other bur holders in that each and every “grips” the burs whatever the size of the shank of the bur. It will grip the taper of the silicon hole at the diameter of the shank of the bur. The force of insertion is therefore the same force for removal.
Every dentist has their own preference for colour and size. You may decide to choose a particular colour for each surgery or dentist… you can tailor thoughts to your needs.
Thus any selection of burs can be kept in any order the dentist chooses.


The Design

The secret to our  success is in the combination of design and material. The patented holder and lid / cover makes for easy use in presenting to chair-side.


Multi purpose LaminateBulter

Easy to set up for multiple components for procedures such as implants placement or multi veneers, crowns and bridges. One of the challenges is keep all components in order.


Multiple organiser- The LaminateButler will allow the dental assistant to keep all components organised during bonding procedures on a sterilised pallate. The arch towards the dentist this reflects the shape of the upper arch- the individual annotated elliptical concavities relates to the arch of the teeth, to increase confidence in placement of the correct restoration on the right tooth.

LaminateButler for Stain and Glaze

LaminateButler for Stain and Glaze

With the ideal black contrast of the Laminate butler one can lay out their chosen shades and glaze in the smooth walled concavities. The concavities are large enough to allow a gradient of concentration of the intensity of the chosen colour to provide varied intensities within the only concavity.

LaminateButler Autoclavable Pallet for Crown and Implant Components Presentation

Multiple components of screws , abutments and crowns have to be kept in order when preparing for delivery to the patient. The LaminateButler will allow the dentist to organise all the sterilised components returned from the lab ( pre-sterilise if required) and present them to the dentist chair-side and keep the screws formers abutments and crowns in order. In a sterile green surgical field this provides a simple way to improve efficiency and organisation.

LaminateButler stain and glaze and lid

Designed  with elegance and  in silicon- our products are sturdy, heat resistant, durable and made to last.

Where other manufacturers may use metals and plastics for their products. The LaminateButler is made from natural silicate minerals.

We use 100% non toxic, fully biodegradable, non polluting silicon ingredients, even our packaging is made from 100% bio-degradable plant materials.

When presenting upper arch components, place the curve toward the operator.

When presenting lower components , place the curve away from the operator.

With the correct orientation of the curve the supine patient will relate to the LaminateButler contents.

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LaminateButler for Stain and Glaze

” Great working with the Crystal range of burbutlers, the colours are wonderful for each of our Clinics”

Great Smile

“Paul, you are a genius with this product, design and perseverance.”

Dr. Terry Yacovitch, GP, Montreal, Canada

“We are very happy with the BurButler bur stand, and recommend it to all dentist’s as the best on the market.”

Dr. Brendan Glass, Maynooth, Ireland.